InstaBook Maker is a production system so small,
it may be installed anywhere.



  • Measurements:  
    7' Long (200 cms)
    3' Tall (90 cms)
    2.5' Deep (80 cms)
  • With InstaBook Maker you can go from typing the final period,  
    to make as many perfect bound books as you need. Without
    transition, or waiting period.
  • Traditional development period requires months between  
    the final draft and the first book.
    No more!
    With InstaBook the distance between the final draft and the first book  
    is just a click away. A true book on demand system that works just like
    your office printer.
  • Page Layout and Formatting; 
    You may continue using your present software, or use our own software.
    InstaBook works with just about every major
    commercial software in the market.
    You may use files in formatted in .doc, pdf, html, etc.
    It doesn't matter. InstaBook can take it.
    Since you do not have to change anything from what you are already doing,
    it reduces even more the development time for your books.
  • InstaBook makes so much sense,  
    you have to wonder how have you managed without it.
  • When you are ready to start making books, you just click a button.  
    That's it!
    The electronic file is then printed on sheets of bond paper of the best quality,
    the sheets of paper are then mixed and matched, cut and assembled
    by the InstaBook Maker into a book.
  • 17 seconds after the last sheet of paper is printed,  
    you have a finished book in your hands.
  • InstaBook is so affordable, you have to wonder why you don't have one yet.
  • InstaBook requires very little operator intervention,  
    and it makes a 100 page, perfect-bound book in a few minutes.
  • The text is printed at about 72 book pages per minute, at 600 DPI.
  • The thickness of the paper recommended is  
    0.086 to 0.110 mm with a moisture content
    between 4% to 6% and pulp content of at least 80%
  • The cover is printer in full color in under a minute, at 1440 DPI
  • Cost per Book may be calculated as follows (US Prices):
  • Cost of Bond Paper = .00125 per book page ( See below*) 
    Cost of Toner = .00250 per book page
    Cost of Glue = .02 Per Book
    Cost of Cover = .10 (5% coverage)
    This means that an average 200 page book will cost you about .75 to make.
  • Service

  • Service is required only after a million and a half book pages.
    And the average cost of the service does not exceed $1,000 US

  • System Requirements
    None. You add paper, toner and glue to the InstaBook, and that's it! 5 minutes after we install the system you are making books.

  • Types of Paper recommended.
    InstaBook Maker works with almost any type of paper. However the weights recommended are:

  • Interiors = Commercial Bond (20-50 LB)
  • Cover= Commercial Cover Stock (67-120 LB)
  • Sizes of Books Available 

    Any Size up to 8.5 x 11" -Letter Size in US- (21.5 x 28 cms)
    -Or A4 in Europe- (21.00cm x 29.70cm)
  • Electric Requirements 
    Standard 110 (220) v AC
    (Any outlet in your office)
  • Working Environment. 
    Any place. Well ventilated area recommended.
    If placed in exteriors, the system should not be subjected
    to conditions either too hot or cold, or too damp or dry.
  • Temperature y Humidity. 
    temp = 10c to 35 c ideally around 20c (68f)
    hum = 20 to 80 % ideally around 65%
  • Thickness of Perfect Binding 
    Standard System Perfect Binds Books up to 2.5" thick!
    (Total number of pages varies according to weight of paper.)

(* This cost was based on the price of a box with
5,000 sheets bought at Office Depot for about $25.00.
The actual price was lower, and you can find
boxes of paper going as low as $19.00
5,000 sheets of paper equals 20,000 book pages
20,000 book pages equals 100 books (200 pages each)
$25.00 / 100 equals .25 per book