3 huge historical problems have plagued
the publishing industry from the start.

1.- Production

2.- Storage

3.- Distribution


We invented the solution to all 3 problems.




We called it:


In the traditional way, to publish a book you need to invest in a large run of printed units, to get the price per unit low enough so that the books you publish can have a chance of being profitable every time you sell one copy.

This usually means you need a printed run of thousands of units.

Then you need to store all those books while they sell.

And this is a curious thing about publishing: nobody knows which title is going to sell well. As a matter of fact, bestsellers are a phenomena -is a little bit like winning the lottery-.

The reality is that in the publishing world, a book sells a copy here and a copy there over a long period of time. You receive an order for a couple of books from this bookstore, and a couple more from that bookstore.

Meanwhile, you have all those books stored away waiting for customers, and they are costing you money every day that goes by.

Wouldn’t make more sense just to make those books after you receive the purchase order?

Well, yes. But the concept and the technology to produce ONE BOOK instantly didn't exist.

Until we invented it. Our patents combine more than 200 different innovations recognized by the US Patent Office and around the world.

With InstaBook Maker you can do what it used to be impossible: to sell the book first and then print it.

And right out of your office.