Print On Demand

Print on Demand has become very popular lately. It is a phrase used by many types of companies to describe some of their services. They go from traditional printers using traditional printing equipment (offset, lithography, etc.), to printing equipment manufacturers.

But what exactly is Print on Demand? (Or Print-On-Demand)? And how does it relate to books?

Very easy: it means that you print what you need, when you need it, and exactly in the amounts that you need it. Not one more and not one less.

In the case of books, it means that you don’t need to print 1000 books -for example- when you need maybe only 100 books.

It used to be that you could not get just 100 books made. The process of making a book using traditional equipment makes the costs too high: using traditional techniques and equipment requires 23 different steps to produce the first book, and to get there you need to print the entire run first.

And what about only ONE BOOK.


This is where Print On Demand became InstaBook.

InstaBook has been at the forefront of this technology since the 1980's. We developed the concept of Book-On-Demand and then we had to develop the technology to make it a reality. When we applied for out first patent, in 1995, our goal was to solve the problem presented by the traditional way of making books, which is slow, expensive and wasteful.

InstaBook Maker was invented from the ground up to offer you only the best and most advanced technology that allows you to print and bind and entire book in a single step, anytime, anywhere.

Small, inexpensive, smart.

InstaBook Maker III