InstaBook's line of book-makers produce hundreds of thousands of books on demand with an accuracy matched only by far more costly and complicated equipment. Ruggedly constructed to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the InstaBook Makers produce even the most difficult and complicated books on demand in an extremely reliable manner.

Our patented processes ensures exceptional accuracy of + or - 1%, minute-to-minute. A wide variety of paper stock may be used, from the standard and least expensive bond stock, to glamorous or designer paper, can be successfully handled with equal precision and quality.


InstaBook Maker's are extremely versatile. One unit can precisely produce many different types and sizes of books on demand with little or no adjustment. When necessary, adjustments can be made quickly and easily. Paper and cover stock can be changed on all models for a wider range of quality books on demand. The same equipment allows you to choose the final quality of each book, by selecting the quality of the paper. Each book produced by our systems is always an original, regardless of how many copies you make.

All InstaBook Makers are fabricated of high strength grade A aluminum and special composite plastics, and contain only a few moving components. They are built to operate continuously with only a minimum of maintenance.




InstaBook Makers are designed for use by people with a basic computer knowledge. Click a button here, click a button there, and Presto!, you have a book. Maximum accuracy and quality is achieved with minimum effort.

Every step and every operation can be adjusted through our proprietary on-screen software: you can control the depth of the gluing, the timing of the steps, the pressure on the binding, the positioning of the covers to + or - 1 degree, etc. Everything that you can think of may be controlled by the operator to insure that each book is a beauty.

In operation, the InstaBook Makers are very quiet: the largest source of noise is the printer, and of course that is at a level similar to a copier. The rest of the system is quieter than that, so you can be making books on demand in any environment.


Binding speed, which along with the book thickness determines the production rate, is controlled on screen to insure that the InstaBook Maker works at your rhythm, and not the other way around.


InstaBook Makers are the result of over 15 years years of research in book production and distribution; this experience means that solutions to your special requirements can normally be found among our many successful applications worldwide. Features and services available for meeting special requirements include:


On-screen controls in easy and user friendly formats (See graphics) and completely programmable. Exact conditions for binding, speed, degree, position and time are set by adjusting values.

Change conditions on every point. Tightening conditions can be registered on every point of the system.


InstaBook Makers are available in designs of special construction to meet your publishing requirements. We even have a multiple-header system for very high output. Please feel free to request a catalog.

All parts of the system are designed to withstand abuse: virtually all of them are unbreakable. Cleaning of the system is as easy as cleaning the dust.

In addition, this design includes quick disassembly construction, special clearances under bases and feet, and a totally enclosed, vented electronics and control box.