1.- What is the InstaBook Maker?

InstaBook is a new technology that prints and binds economically almost any type of book in a single step. It also downloads books-on-demand in a few minutes, on site in any publisher's office, or in a bookstore, kiosk, library, government or corporate office.

InstaBook is the first Print On Demand technology in the world that solves the incredibly complex problem of making books-on-demand and turns it into a process as easy as using a copier!

Just click a button and watch how your book is printed and bound, instantly!




2.- How will it help my business?

INSTABOOK MAKER allows you to lower the amount of capital allocation in printing, binding, warehousing and distribution of your books, by printing on demand only what you need, and when you need it.

INSTABOOK MAKER helps you to eliminate many of the problems related to the publishing industry such as returns, midlist and backlist sales, increasingly short shelf lives, and books going out of print. It allows you to keep your entire catalogue alive forever, regardless of the volume of sales.

It helps you to target your markets much more efficiently.

In other words, you make your books on demand (after you sell them).

InstaBook helps you to save money.

And helps you to make money.

3.- How does it work?

We have worked hard to design a system really easy to use.
You probably already use a word processor to do your layouts.

Well, just attach InstaBook Maker to your computer - yes, even a laptop -and you can start making books on demand in a few minutes!

As the paper sheets leave the laser printer, InstaBook Maker takes over and mixes and matches, folds, cuts and glues to deliver you a book in about a minute and a half.

While the first one is being finished, you can start printing the following one, so your production is about a book every few minutes!

4. - How good is the quality of the books and the covers?

InstaBooks are undistinguishable from traditional, offset printed books. As a matter of fact, many of our customers don't even mention that they make their books on demand using our equipment. Nobody knows the difference!


Here is a sample of a mass produced paper back (left) and an InstaBook (right)


But the real question should be, How expensive would you like to make them?

Because InstaBook Maker is so versatile that it allows you to print your books on demand out of almost any material. You can print them inexpensively by using standard bond paper that costs $2.50 per ream, or go up from there in quality of paper and prices. You may make your books as beautiful as you want: you are only limited by your creativity. InstaBook provides you with the tools: you provide the artistry.

You can print the covers on the spot with the printer included with the system, in cover-stock glossy or matte, in full color reproduction with a 1440 X 720 dpi.

You can use laminated covers.

Or you may have them preprinted in traditional offset.
Or in Thermography. Or Foil.

You also may make the covers for your books in other non-traditional materials!

InstaBook will work with almost anything.

5.- In some of my books I need inside color pages. Can your system do that?

Yes! You may add color inserts to your black and white pages very easily.

6.- I want to sell only bestsellers. Will your system help me to do that?

Of course not.

But it helps you to make money in every title you publish, and in every book you print. This is impossible to achieve with the traditional printing techniques. Traditionally you have to invest tens of thousands of dollars to get a book into the market because:

1.- You have to print the book in massive quantities to make it economically feasible.

2.- You have to store all those boxes full of books.

3.- You have to distribute the books.

With InstaBook you skip the first and second step, and go right to where it matters: your wallet.

The INSTABOOK MAKER systems are the perfect complement for the publishing industry.!